Our Church History

Thank you for taking a moment to learn a little of the history of Olive Branch Baptist Church and how God continues to further His plans through the church that He established nearly 150 years ago. In 1873, eleven men of Cedar Fork Church recognized a need for a new church to serve their growing community.  They formed a new assembly of believers that began meeting in the Dayton Academy building.  During the next fifty years, while being pastored by students at nearby Wake Forest College, that small congregation grew to become Olive Baptist Church, which now sits adjacent to the former site of the school.  Olive Branch has continued to flourish under 17 pastors and since 2000, it has seen significant growth under its current pastor, Tim Wheeler.


Beginning as a one-room wooden building, Olive Branch Church added its first new structure in 1925; a sanctuary building that was built over a raised basement designed in the shape of a cross.   After several renovations, this building still serves as the present church sanctuary.  An Education Building was added in 1973 to provide additional space needed for the growing congregation.   It was with great foresight, that nearly ten years later, the church purchased additional land for future needs.  Olive Branch now sits on over 20 acres of land to be used for the church’s growing congregation and its ministries.


Today, Olive Branch finds itself in a growing community surrounded by several developing neighborhoods.   Its members recognize the opportunity to serve the community and surrounding area by providing worship services and various ministries to meet the spiritual needs of those seeking to assemble and serve together.   An invitation is extended to any who would visit or wish to serve together with a congregation of believers who are answering Christ’s call to know Him and make Him known.